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What do I do if I’ve won a Texas Lottery prize?

First off, congratulations on your win. You’ll now want to get your hands on your money. This is really easy, but the exact process does differ depending on how much you’ve won. Visit the page on Claiming Prizes to find out what you need to do.

If you have been contacted by someone to say you have won, be mindful that it could be a scam. Remember that the only way to win a prize is to buy a ticket and match the winning numbers.

I’ve lost my ticket. Can I still claim a prize?

You won't be able to claim any prizes if you've lost a Texas Lottery ticket. You should sign the back of any tickets you purchase in a store, so then at least there’s a chance you could be reunited with it, and it proves it belongs to you. If you play online, your numbers will automatically be kept safe and checked for you.

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