Biggest Winners

Lotto Texas has been running for almost 30 years and in that time has created many big winners. Below is a list of the top five biggest Lotto Texas jackpots ever won.

$145 million – June 19th 2004

Alfredo Ornelas Barragan from El Paso claimed the biggest ever Lotto Texas prize of $145 million and took the cash option, which was worth $61.9 million after tax. He claimed the prize on behalf of partnerships called VOM Enterprises Ltd and IBO Management Co. and he declined to speak to the media about the record-setting win. Ornelas Barragan did release a statement, saying: “We are very happy and thankful for this gift that God has given us.” The winning ticket was purchased at a Chevron station in El Paso.

$97 million – May 29th 2010

An anonymous player won the second-biggest Lotto Texas prize in the game’s history on a Quick Pick ticket purchased at a 7-Eleven store on Garland Road in Dallas. Although the identity of the winner wasn’t revealed, it was known that they opted for the cash lump sum payout when they bought their ticket, so they will have taken home around $48 million after taxes.

$85 million – March 7th 2001

Austin Police officer Robert Chody and his wife Beverly, an employee at a telecoms company, claimed this jackpot under a partnership called RBH CNC Ltd. They took a cash option of $51 million, which worked out at just shy of $37 million after taxes were withheld. Speaking about their windfall, Robert Chody said, “This is a lot of money and we're going to take our time with it.” The jackpot was the biggest ever seen in Texas at the time.

$76 million – October 21st 2009

The winner of this jackpot – and whether the money had even been paid out – was shrouded in mystery for more than six months after the winning draw. That’s because the winning ticket, claimed under a partnership called the MAED Trust, was badly damaged after the winner tried feeding it through a laser printer to print his details on the back of it. Lottery officials performed rigorous security checks to make sure the ticket was valid, including checking security cameras at the store that sold it and taking sworn statements from the winner’s friends and associates. The claim was eventually validated in May 2010 and a pre-tax lump sum of $48 million was paid out.

$75 million – April 7th 2007

The biggest Lotto Texas jackpot in more than two years was claimed by a business partnership called Panjo Investments Ltd, based out of League City. The ticket was said to have been bought by one of the partners, John Stanford Jr, who was president of a company called Tremarcor LLC at the time. The winning ticket was bought at the Quick Mart on Marina Bay Drive in League City and the partnership opted to take a cash lump sum payout worth $45 million before taxes.